Naunchaky Tube - Dr Tai Smith

Cowabunga – when DCR surgery collides with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I loved the TMNT when I was growing up. How cool is Michaelangelo? His weapon of choice is the Nunchaku. This is a weapon that no clear minded, sensible individual (*as in theatre scrub nurse), would ever let me near. So here is what I get to use: the new Nunchaku tube from FCI (distributed […]

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eye-drops - Dr Tai Smith

The Buzz about Honey Eye Drops

Manuka honey has well-known medicinal properties and has gained acceptance in wound care in the treatment of chronic ulcers and burns. Who would have thought that it could be used as an eye drop (Optimel™ Manuka Eye Drops)? For sufferers of some forms of dry eyes and blepharitis, this new product has been a revelation. […]

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